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20mm Dark Grey Anthracite Porcelain, 600×900, 21.6 Square Metre Coverage.

The Key Benefits of Porcelain Paving:

Low maintenance – You will be happy to know that porcelain paving slabs are virtually maintenance-free. Simply sweep with a brush to get rid of accumulated dirt or wipe over with a damp cloth to eradicate more stubborn dirt.

Hard-wearing – The vitrification process our porcelain products go through makes each porcelain slab solid and long-lasting. Drastic changes in the weather won’t affect the quality or look of your porcelain paving.

Slip-resistant – With a minimum R11 slip rating, porcelain paving tiles are designed to have a slightly textured surface to combat slips and falls.

Stain, scratch, mould, and frost-resistant – Besides being resistant to weather changes, porcelain paving is also durable in many other ways.

Range of colours and effects available – Porcelain inkjet printing technology has widened the possibilities for porcelain paving. Almost any result or colour is achievable.

Acid and alkali resistant – Porcelain paving can withstand fertiliser and lawn treatments.

Colour maintaining – The manufacturing and processing of porcelain mean that even the darkest colours will not lose their intensity over time.

Algae and moss resistant – This is particularly important for patios in the shade or north facing.

Dark Grey Anthracite Porcelain


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