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What are the benefits & features of paving flags?

Inspired paving products: our range has been created to inspire through colour, blend, sizing, pattern and texture. Take a look at any of our case studies and see how our premium decorative stone flags influence the overall setting of the project. With over 60 products to choose from, you can find the design to suit your project needs.

Performance as paramount: performance is everything when it comes to producing flagstone pavers for the commercial market. All our products are engineered to offer intuitive solutions to common public space issues. Our permeable concrete paving flags, for example, aid water management by reducing surface run-off water and allowing it to drain, without the need for additional drainage systems.

Hazard & deterrent technology: our tactile paving units provide essential directional aid to visually impaired pedestrians, using textures to alert users to a change in gradient, upcoming crossing or stairway – creating a safer pedestrian flow.

Sustainable development: we believe in the sustainable development of the cityscape and are continually focused on finding new ways to promote design methods that help rather than hinder the environment. As such, we have recycled stone flags for sale among our extensive product range. Take a look at our Conservation paving for more information.

Bss Concrete Flags 600x600 50mm


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