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Terms & Conditions


Please note:  Turf is a perishable product, therefore will change dependant on climate conditions and maintenance.

It must be laid on properly prepared ground and watered within eight hours of delivery. Turf will adapt to the area it’s laid on, so if you have poor soil quality it’s likely you will get poor establishment.

Shades and colour changes in grass all the time.

Any complaint of damages to be made within 24hrs of delivery.


Please allow 5-10% of wastage when ordering due to cuts etc…

We will not exchange/ replace or refund for breakages/ chips/ damages/ discolouration up to 10% as this is considered spillage so please make sure you allow for breakages/ wastage.

Sandstone can sometimes come with flecks, hair line cracks as it is a natural product therefore not considered unusable.

NOT all crates are same in colour, again this is a natural stone so colours can vary.

Gravels are not always the same shade of colour, again this is a natural product so colours can vary.


Pictures used on our website are used for illustration purposes only.

All prices are subject to change.

We will only exchange/ refund full packs, a £100 Charge for collection/ returns to us plus restocking fee per pallet or 10% if customers return.

You can cancel any order prior to delivery.

No returns on excess stone, we therefore advise you order the correct amount of product you need.

All products to be inspected upon delivery.

Returns must be made within 7 days of delivery/ purchase.

If you are offered an exchange it will be at the purchasers’ responsibility to pay haulage for returns both ways.